DS4 To XInput Wrapper 1.2.2

DS4 To XInput Wrapper is a free program that simply tricks your computer into treating your Dual-Shock PS4 controller as if it were an Xbox 360 controller

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DS4 to XInput Wrapper is a tool that lets you use your DualShock 4 on your PC.

XInput is an API and program that lets games and other applications receive input from an Xbox 360 controller as well as the Xbox One controller in most cases. The DS4 to XInput wrapper works by wrapping the DualShock 4 device driver and exposing it to XInput as an Xbox 360 controller. Fundamentally, these devices are the same and so the translation works wonderfully.

What is perhaps most impressive about DS4 to XInput Wrapper is that it supports all of the features that the DS4 offers. This is impressive because the Xbox 360 does not support some of them, such as the share button or the touch pad. Nevertheless, the wrapper is able to make them work—through magic presumably—and thus usable in those games that do support them.

This wrapper is quite easy to install and set up as well, but we should quantify that. Use of this program expects experience with XInput. If you are an XInput use, you will have this up and running in moments. If you are new to XInput, then there certainly may be a learning curve there, but the program is relatively simple and intuitive and something most gamers should pick up just fine.

A side effect of mapping the DS4 to the Xbox 360 is that the game will think the controller is an Xbox 360 and thus show Xbox buttons. This was a non-issue early on since PlayStation buttons were rarely supported in games. However, as the PlayStation became more popular and more games were ported from PS4 to PC, more and more developers began supporting them. Also, program like DS4Windows and come along to let you use your DualShock 4 on PC in a more native manner.

DS4 to XInput Wrapper is no longer developed or supported. As of this writing, it still works, but if it were ever to break, it may not get fixed. A likely reason that the tool was abandoned is that DS4Windows is so popular and feature-rich. If you do not have any particular preference to XInput, use that. If you prefer XInput, then you can continue to use this tool—at least for the time being.


  • Use Your DS4 on PC
  • Easy to setup and use


  • No longer developed

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